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September 2021 - Rae

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Meet Rae! One of several adult students at Redbird, Rae has been taking lessons for 3 years. She's successfully completed 2 RCM exams and is currently working in Suzuki book 3. She completed an Adult Music Theory course through the Richmond Symphony School of Music. Rae is a patient and determined learner.

Rae sends a lovely little watercolor on natural paper every month. For the Redbird art project, Rae did two watercolors that were inspired by the Yo-Yo Ma poster hanging up at Redbird, which was designed by Godie Arboleda. Rae likes bird watching with her husband, Leron, going to Integral Yoga, and spending time with family. Rae's latest grandchild was born last week. Meet Rae at performance lab this year, around Redbird, or come see her play on the October 8th recital!

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