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Welcome to Redbird!


Redbird Cello Studio grew out of Erin Flynn's cello studio, previously located at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Fry's Spring, Charlottesville. After emerging from an online world in 2021, Redbird opened at 301 E Market Street in downtown Charlottesville. 

Redbird is now accepting students in Richmond, VA! For more information, see the Redbird RVA page. 

Redbird is a community of learners and musicians. Our promise is to meet every student where they are and give them the tools they need to be self-directed musicians. Through our online portal, students have access to asynchronous tools to improve ear training, theory and sight reading. Student login for weekly lessons notes, relevant video, audio, visuals and links. Students use apps and listening software to assist them in their learning, as well as personally curated videos made by Erin. 
Lessons are offered in-person or online. See our studio policy for more information.
The Royal Conservatory of Music program is offered to all students who are best served by concrete learning goals, are motivated by high marks and are ready for a higher level of performing and engagement in music theory. The RCM track is available to the very beginner and the advancing student as well as children and adults. 

Students are given varied and regular opportunities for performance. Most performances are recorded as keepsakes for families.

High school aged students and adult students have the opportunity to become members of Performance Lab! Students meet monthly with their peers to workshop their pieces and support each other. The purpose is to create a supportive peer group for students with a shared interest, fostering confidence and community. 


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