About Redbird

Redbird Cello Studio grew out of Erin Flynn's cello studio, previously located at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Fry's Spring, Charlottesville. The new home is located at 301 E Market Street in downtown Charlottesville. After such a difficult year for students, our community and our world, Erin felt a need for a fresh start. 

Redbird is a community of learners and musicians. We are more than our teacher, our practice strategies and our knowledge of Bach. Redbird students are a part of something larger, a member of a group of people whose common ground is progress, humility, discovery and of course, cello. When it came to finding a name that was inclusive, representative of our home, and able to take on new meaning, Erin turned to birds. She loves birds, and mindful walks with binoculars have been her solace in the pandemic. Depicted on the logo is a female northern cardinal. Unlike her male counterpart, she is mostly beige with a small flair of red on her head, wings and tailfeather. She is one of the rare females in North America who sing. The long complex songs she sings on her nest become her lifeline. Known colloquially as the red bird, northern cardinals are prevalent in our region and our state bird.
Redbird Cello Studio promises to meet every student where they are and give them the tools they need to be self-directed musicians. Through our online portal, students have access to asynchronous tools to improve ear training, theory and sight reading. Student login for weekly lessons notes, relevant video, audio, visuals and links. Students use apps and listening software to assist them in their learning, as well as personally curated videos made by Erin. 
Lessons are offered in-person or online, in two hybrid options. See our studio policy for more information.
The Royal Conservatory of Music program is offered to all students who are best served by concrete learning goals, are motivated by high marks and are ready for a higher level of performing and engagement in music theory. The RCM track is available to the very beginner and the advancing student as well as children and adults. 

Students are given varied and regular opportunities for performance. Most performances are recorded as keepsakes for families.

New for 2021-22: Performance lab group memberships! Students meet monthly with their peers to workshop their pieces and support each other.


The New Space

How do online lessons work?

Through Zoom, of course! Erin, here! I'd like to show you a few things in my dedicated home studio. This is what it looks like from my perspective:

iPad: This is my jack-of-all-trades device. Student sheet music is on here, so I can see everything students are working on without having to shuffle through books. I have access to our shared Google Drive and my notes from last week. It also functions as a 2nd camera. As another Zoom participant, I can position it on my left hand fingers so students can see them close-up from another angle. I can also share my screen and write in the music in real time.

Yeti Microphone: This device insures students can hear me. It enables students to hear nuance and dynamics and also cuts out background noise.

Speakers: The better to hear you with, my dear. 

PC: This is my main camera. It has a wide-angled lens so students can see all of me, including my face and my full bow. It allows me to sit closer to my students so I can see them well, too.

Cell phone: This device acts as a 3rd camera, so that students can see a close up of my bow and right hand. This signs into Zoom as another participant, and the camera is spotlighted or turned off as needed. 

Ethernet Cable Adapter: I plug directly into the router for the maximum streaming speed possible and to minimize the possibility of internet disruption.


Ring Light: This gives me a youthful glow. Just kidding.... kind of. This bright, diffuse lighting helps make the video of me clearer for students