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October 2022 - Laila

Laila is a student at Redbird RVA and she is a trooper! She began cello at Robious Middle School in Chesterfield County in the pandemic before taking lessons with me at Orbital Music Park in November 2021. Laila is Redbird's first RVA student! Laila took lessons in person at OMP (and sometimes online) until OMP announced their closing for renovations. Beginning next Friday, Laila will be the first student at Redbird RVA's new spot at Westminster Presbyterian on Monument Avenue. Thanks, Laila and fam, for running around with Redbird to OMP, Westminster, and the virtual realm!

Enough about Redbird, though.

Laila is a lovely student. She's earnest and she laughs easily. Her purpose at the start of lessons was to be sure she was caught up with the school orchestra program, which absorbed her beginner level into their upper grade. She has worked hard at that and is thriving there. She is able to approach her school music easily and has moved on to tackling solo repertoire, shifting and working on mindful bow movement. Laila runs cross country, watches cooking shows and is clearly ready for the holidays!

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