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Lessons are available online for anyone, anywhere!

Students interested in online-only  lessons will need a consistent internet connection that supports streaming, a place at home to set up that is distraction-free for the duration of the lesson and a desire to learn. 

Online Lessons: Behind the Scenes

Erin, here! I'd like to show you a few things in my dedicated home studio. This is what it looks like from my perspective:

iPad: This is my jack-of-all-trades device. Student sheet music is on here, so I can see everything students are working on without having to shuffle through books. I have access to our shared Google Drive and lesson notes from last week. It also functions as a 2nd camera. As another Zoom participant, I can position it on my left hand fingers so students can see them close-up from another angle. I can also share my screen and write in the music in real time.

Yeti Microphone: This device insures students can hear me. It enables students to hear nuance and dynamics and also cuts out background noise.

Speakers: The better to hear you with, my dear. 

PC: This is my main camera. It has a wide-angled lens so students can see all of me, including my face and my full bow. It allows me to sit closer to my students so I can see them well, too.

Cell phone: This device acts as a 3rd camera, so that students can see a close up of my bow and right hand. This signs into Zoom as another participant, and the camera is spotlighted or turned off as needed. 

Ethernet Cable Adapter: I plug directly into the router for the maximum streaming speed possible and to minimize the possibility of internet disruption.


Ring Light: This gives me a youthful glow. Just kidding.... kind of. This bright, diffuse lighting helps make the video of me clearer for students

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