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November 2022 - Sonya

Sonya is one of the original Redbirds, a student since before its beginning. She is one of two cellists in her family and has been seen at recent recitals playing duets with her dad. Sonya is a student at Monticello HS and has played in their orchestra. She is also a member of YOCVA Youth Orchestra and Redbird Performance Lab. She is employed as a host at Timberwood Grill at 5th Street Station. She takes care of her horse, Huckleberry, and another, Peaches. Sonya is a kind and supportive cellist, always ready to tell another student what they've done well and what she admires about their playing. She seems to value the relationships she can make with others she plays with. She is also getting pretty good at parallel parking.

Catch Sonya and her father Daniel play all 3 movements of the Vivaldi Double Concerto in G Minor with Brooke Dezio on piano at Mudhouse in Crozet on November 19th! Proceeds benefit The Haven. If you're lucky, you can catch her again on November 20th at the CMTA Youth Recital playing Dotzauer or at Redbird Performance Lab!

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