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Cello Lessons for Adults


Adult students are welcome at Redbird! There is a wonderful community of adult students already here to welcome you. Whether learning the cello is brand new or you are re-acquainting yourself with an old friend, Redbird is here for you. 

How to get started

Step One: Get your hands on a cello.

Whether it's giving your current cello a tune-up or buying a cello, Vacanti Violins is a good place to start (and scope out Redbird on your way!). If you're really not ready to commit, it is okay to rent from a local chain store to get you started. They have often have starter deals with low commitment. 

Step Two: Schedule a Trial Lesson

A trial lesson is scheduled in a 60-minute time slot and can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. The purpose is for the student and teacher to get to know each other and communicate expectations. It's a way for the student to feel out how things will be and ask questions and for the teacher to do the same. Trial lessons are only $20 and there is no obligation to continue with lessons afterward. Easy peasy.

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