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May 2021 - David

Updated: May 4, 2021

David posed for this photo for me after a recital on May 2nd at the Center at Belvedere. (Sidenote: David, I am so sorry I'm terrible at taking photos.) He performed the Minuets from Lights and Shadows as his first in-person recital in over a year as preparation for his upcoming senior recital on June 5th. David has been a student of mine for 5 years. He's been dedicated to the cello and to CHS orchestra, but it's always been fun for him. Over the years, he's accomplished so much! He's a member of CHS String Ensemble, was accepted into Senior Regional Orchestra, and participated in many chamber music offerings including The Summer Chamber Music Intensives at Immanuel Lutheran as well as the Blue Ridge Chamber Camp. He's looking forward to his Senior Solo with CHS (Faure's Elegie) and to his senior recital at Immanuel Lutheran Church on June 5th. All are welcome, but space is limited, so we will have a live stream on our Facebook page. We are so proud of David and his accomplishments. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to do a senior recital at a time when he's finishing exams, preparing for college and celebrating his many achievements, but senior recitals are very special.

David will attend UVA to study engineering in the fall. He is a Scout, president of the Best All-Around Club of Nerds (known better as BACON - yes, this is a real thing) and is a member of CHS color guard and String Ensemble. David has been known to be down for whatever and to take everything in stride. He's kind, fun, smart, and a heck of a team player, quick to volunteer to help. Maybe that's because of his awesome older brother experience, or just how he was made... Well, cello and David seem to get along really well, and we hope he keeps it close.

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