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Summer Chamber Music Intensive

August 3rd - 7th

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Charlottesville

9am to 12:30pm

with culminating recital August 7th at 7:30pm


What is Chamber Music?

Small ensembles of 2 players or more, with one musician on each part, like a string quartet.

What are the benefits of working on chamber music?

Playing chamber music requires each musician to confidently and independently know their part while depending on and communicating with their chamber members. Learning to balance their soloistic independence and their need to rely on each other helps students develop an inner intuition and creativity that is hard to foster in other settings. Students learn to take charge of their role in the group while playing music within the social dynamic of rehearsing with peers. They will learn how to rehearse themselves, becoming more self-directed learners. Teachers at SCMI will be coaches rather than conductors, guiding the students to perform their best through advice, demonstration and encouragement. Chamber music students will learn skills to become better soloists, orchestra members and creative musicians.  We strive to create an environment of learning that is fun, relaxed and supportive. We encourage students to get out of their comfort zone alongside others to encourage them to take risks and to have fun.

Who is able to sign up for SCMI?

SCMI is open to students from early intermediate level (playing 2 school years or more) through advanced, middle school through high school. Open to strings and piano. Woodwind instruments are invited to inquire ahead of time about placement.

How do I apply?

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